Comparing themes from different sites…

To start it off, I am not to familiar with code talk and fancy words used on websites, I prefer easy simple ways for me to be able to read directions, that doesn’t mean I won’t try, but if I see a couple websites having the same tools of another but one looks most clean and easy to read I will for sure be using that one. So… lets get started!

Canvas- my first thoughts were great with Canvas because it used Vimeo to show me what to exactly do with a screen recording of someone making and customizing a theme, I enjoyed the process of learning how to do it, along with a voice recording explaining each step and what will help and what to use.

Joomla- Next Joomla was my next top favorite because it is most like WordPress and I am starting to get the hang of it. The part I disliked about it how everything was in code writing which made it hard for my eyes to keep busy and finish reading while understanding. Some pros with Joomla was that it had links under the template of development you can easily click on and show you which help you need.

Moodle- In my opinion Moodle was a combination of both, It was a very long page giving an overview which should be smaller if its an overview and easier to read. The text was very small and harder to read including both coding and links to find specific help. This site was not easy for me to try and learn from.

Drupal- This site was a lot more clean and easier to create a theme organizer. It made it so much nicer to create a theme because if I was confused I could see where I needed to look to get my questions answered to complete the job.

WordPress- Finally is my favorite, this could be very biased because it is the first one I have worked with. From mistakes and learning from my mistakes it is so easy to see the layout of the page and get feedback in seconds if I have ANY questions. Some cons about WP is that the package you buy may limit yourself to all of the accesses across the page, if I need a specific domain, admin, or theme, you will need the highest package sometimes. Overall, this is my favorite to work with, but a couple of the others very close behind!!

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