Montana 6/19

This last June my grandma who lives in Guatemala, which is definitely a story for a different time, had been planning to throw herself a burning woman festival, (kinda like a burning man festival… look it up) for the past 4 years! she gathered all family and friends rounding us up from all over the world to about 100 people on which was once her parents land in Montana!

In order for this event to be successful, we were told to bring reusable EVERYTHING and leave the land how it was once found (clean). Throughout these 4 days we celebrated life itself by people sharing poems, dance classes, treasures, costumes, and just joy itself. It was an absolute blast.

One of the other reasons for this grand weekend celebration happening was to celebrate all of our loved ones who have passed. Even though we all have different beliefs and different views we hung prayer flags and celebrated and cherished every family member we have lost.

At the end up the trip it was soo nice to join with family and friends we either hadn’t seen in years or months and others we had never met who were and are huge parts to my grandmas life. This trip taught us to be thankful and aware to everything/anyone around us in our daily lives. There were many hikes and weather changes in Montana from it being hot to hailing snow another minute, many layers were worn and taken on and off throughout that 4 day weekend.

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