Palm Sprangs!!!!

About a couple months ago my girlfriends and I decided it was time to take a break and spend time with each other… Soooo…why not Palm Springs?!?! When we planned the trip it was so hard as many of you know deciding places, if people were actually going to pay and/or show up, having friends not communicate, or who’s gonna drive , etc. It can all just be so stressful being the conductor of it all!

On a positive note! we got the cutest little house many would call trendy, and enjoyed our girls weekend, we played, “Cards against humanity”, “what do you meme” “Never have I ever” just some fun ice breaker games to get everyone a little closer and more comfortable.

Heres the tea… the house we stayed at was in such a cute community that was very quiet, one of the days we were all just tanning and listening to music. It was about 1pm and we get a knock on the door of a noise complaint! at 1pm… And let me tell you, we were NOT a crazy group, most of the woman were mothers who had a family and older, the music wasn’t loud what so ever.. The guy who was came to tell us we were loud was a community guard and was so understanding because he couldn’t even hear the music, but if he had to come back it would a 500$ ticket. Apparently, music was not allowed outside whatsoever, which was interesting to me because when I think of Palm Springs it reminds me of a bacherlette party central… Anyway that was something that had me confused considering Palm Spring vibes

Other than that, the trip was a blast connecting and getting closer with girls I didn’t know most of before the trip. We finished our time going out to a nice dinner getting all dolled up and attempting to sneak into a wedding… I hadn’t been to Palm Springs since I was little and it was definitely a must DO!

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