Fern Canyon

Almost a month ago, a couple friends and I did a 17hr road trip up north to visit a friend in college. The ride up wasn’t too bad, considering I wasn’t the one driving… hahah. We took the more scenic route which means more hours included.

The trip all together was so much fun seeing my friends life up there and all her new friends. Every day we were there was a new environment and a new adventure.

Overall we got good workouts, ate healthy (considering there was no good food) and spent a lot of hours together just enjoying one another. If you are the type of person that considers the drive apart of the trip I would highly recommend stopping by “Glass Beach” on the way. You can find so many cool spots on the way up and down the coast to make it a longer and more interesting trip. If you don’t like LONG car rides I would say to fly because its really only a 3 hr flight.

If you would like more information on specific locations feel free to comment down below or reach me at my instagram @jilliannklatt

Heres some more photos 🙂

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