Marina District

Lets be for real… this past year has been hard, which sometimes makes it hard to see the good in life. If theres something I’ve learned recently it is to be thankful for even the smallest things. As in; health, the sun, being able to breathe, or even being able to touch or see. Living in SoCal we value items more than life sometimes, trust I do it all the time, but when you take a step back and realize how much we are truly blessed with, life can seem a whole lot easier. The hardest part for me was being with family knowing some aren’t here today with us.

For me, being with friends and family who know and/or feel my pain makes it a lot more smooth to get through the holidays, because lets be real… Its not always the best to mourn and be a Debby Downer, it can help to look back and appreciate those times that were funny and memorable, of course with time involved.

This trip to SF was to rekindle our family and get space from memories with ones we lost within this first year. We started our trip off with a walk along the Bay on the beach. The hotel we stayed at was a 10 min walk from my aunts house which was so fun because we just scootered everywhere.

This momumental park is up the street from my aunts house, I thought it was so pretty I had to capture it!

We mainly hung-out at my aunts house because it was so delightful to stay and jump on the trampoline with the kids. (Side-note; its a springless trampoline…) This trip was much needed for my family after this hard season we’ve all been going through, and I wouldn’t change it for anything!!

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