When times get hard…

This picture was taken August this last summer.

My sweet Nannie was 83 when she was diagnosed with a very common heart problem where in easier words, the heart needs to be shocked into place. She was the healthiest person I knew always watching her diet and making an effort to work out. This picture was taken 2 weeks before she passed away. This picture was at one of my cousins weddings when we all danced the night away.

Symptoms of her getting week didn’t happen until the day after this picture, we took a trip to Bass Lake which is 40 mi from Yosemite. During our trip she wasn’t able to sleep at night, having to sit down every few steps and not able to go on the boat. We knew something wasn’t right so a friend of ours drove her back home before the trip was over.

A week after that she had 4 cardiac arrests and a heart attack before we were informed she wasn’t going to make it, and if theres one thing she always told me, it was she never wanted us to be by her side on her death bed.

My Nannie was my biggest fan, always encouraging me, and my rock when I needed someone to talk to. I always imagined her being at my wedding, meeting my children, and just being in my life a lot longer. This is something I never saw coming for at least a couple more years… but life will surprise you, and its how you cope with it, not necessarily “fix” it. There is no bringing her back, but I can make myself a better person, eat healthy, work out, and keep her British traditions relevant. Time doesn’t always fix things but giving grief time helps me to see why the bad things happen in our lives.

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