Everyone starts somewhere..

I am so excited to start a documenting my journeys through this page. After I get the page going I want a bio section giving an idea of who I am and my vision towards life and traveling. After my bio, each post will be different locations and experiences I have been through while traveling. I want a picture to give a synopsis of the destination and a couple second video or boomerang giving excitement to viewers. I will then add an overview of that trip then adding bullet points of parts I find interesting of others traveling as in; locations, level of difficulty, whether, necessities of the trip, and over all thoughts and experience. As I learn more I will know more details of posting and exactly what to say to catch the eye. But in short, I want the theme and text fonts to be very clean to the eye, and the explanations of the trips and details to be short and sweet. After it all is typed out I will add a link to each trip linking to my youtube channel.


Hello and welcome! My name is Jillian Klatt and I am oh so excited to share life, traveling, and experiences I have been blessed with. I am 20 yr old and just rolling through life consisting of school, traveling, and life ups and downs!

Growing up my dad was a HUGE travel fan, taking my family on road trips usually in the U.S. It wasn’t until I was at the age of 14, I truly realized how blessed I was for a childhood like that. I always wanted the fly and have the “boujee” lifestyle. Well, I am so happy I wasn’t raised like that because, now I consider the trip to all be on the road also. 

 Over the last 4/5 years I have been so lucky to not only travel inside the US but also in other countries also! 

Instead of keeping this an entire traveling blog (because home girl doesn’t have all the money in the world), I want to keep this site real of good and hard times I’m either currently going through or recently gone through. Life is NOT easy, and I think it’s so needed to connect with others who can relate…. So that leads me to. 

Why am I even here?

  • To connect with people/kids either wanting to travel or experience life; including budgets, comfortability, exercise intensity, or simply was it fun or worth it?!
  • Being able to share the hard journeys along the way of the best times. The waves in life include being joyful, sorrow, excited, nervous, angry, anxious, or feeling nothing. My goal is to connect on all levels on how I get up and KEEP GOING.

I am overly blessed to be able and express my thoughts to you all through such a connecting source in today’s world and can’t wait to get even closer to you all. 

This world can be sooo stressful and hard, as long as we all stick together and connect on different problems or awesome experiences, we can spread love and reconnect our world together again for the good!!

I am so excited for this journey to start and see how many cool places and experiences this world got for me and you guys!

PLEASE! If you have any questions or input to add, comment down below and I will get back to you! If you would like another platform to reach me at, that’ll be Instagram! @jilliannklatt – see you guys soon.