Fern Canyon

Almost a month ago, a couple friends and I did a 17hr road trip up north to visit a friend in college. The ride up wasn’t too bad, considering I wasn’t the one driving… hahah. We took the more scenic route which means more hours included.

The trip all together was so much fun seeing my friends life up there and all her new friends. Every day we were there was a new environment and a new adventure.

Overall we got good workouts, ate healthy (considering there was no good food) and spent a lot of hours together just enjoying one another. If you are the type of person that considers the drive apart of the trip I would highly recommend stopping by “Glass Beach” on the way. You can find so many cool spots on the way up and down the coast to make it a longer and more interesting trip. If you don’t like LONG car rides I would say to fly because its really only a 3 hr flight.

If you would like more information on specific locations feel free to comment down below or reach me at my instagram @jilliannklatt

Heres some more photos 🙂


Marina District

Lets be for real… this past year has been hard, which sometimes makes it hard to see the good in life. If theres something I’ve learned recently it is to be thankful for even the smallest things. As in; health, the sun, being able to breathe, or even being able to touch or see. Living in SoCal we value items more than life sometimes, trust I do it all the time, but when you take a step back and realize how much we are truly blessed with, life can seem a whole lot easier. The hardest part for me was being with family knowing some aren’t here today with us.

For me, being with friends and family who know and/or feel my pain makes it a lot more smooth to get through the holidays, because lets be real… Its not always the best to mourn and be a Debby Downer, it can help to look back and appreciate those times that were funny and memorable, of course with time involved.

This trip to SF was to rekindle our family and get space from memories with ones we lost within this first year. We started our trip off with a walk along the Bay on the beach. The hotel we stayed at was a 10 min walk from my aunts house which was so fun because we just scootered everywhere.

This momumental park is up the street from my aunts house, I thought it was so pretty I had to capture it!

We mainly hung-out at my aunts house because it was so delightful to stay and jump on the trampoline with the kids. (Side-note; its a springless trampoline…) This trip was much needed for my family after this hard season we’ve all been going through, and I wouldn’t change it for anything!!

Palm Sprangs!!!!

About a couple months ago my girlfriends and I decided it was time to take a break and spend time with each other… Soooo…why not Palm Springs?!?! When we planned the trip it was so hard as many of you know deciding places, if people were actually going to pay and/or show up, having friends not communicate, or who’s gonna drive , etc. It can all just be so stressful being the conductor of it all!

On a positive note! we got the cutest little house many would call trendy, and enjoyed our girls weekend, we played, “Cards against humanity”, “what do you meme” “Never have I ever” just some fun ice breaker games to get everyone a little closer and more comfortable.

Heres the tea… the house we stayed at was in such a cute community that was very quiet, one of the days we were all just tanning and listening to music. It was about 1pm and we get a knock on the door of a noise complaint! at 1pm… And let me tell you, we were NOT a crazy group, most of the woman were mothers who had a family and older, the music wasn’t loud what so ever.. The guy who was came to tell us we were loud was a community guard and was so understanding because he couldn’t even hear the music, but if he had to come back it would a 500$ ticket. Apparently, music was not allowed outside whatsoever, which was interesting to me because when I think of Palm Springs it reminds me of a bacherlette party central… Anyway that was something that had me confused considering Palm Spring vibes

Other than that, the trip was a blast connecting and getting closer with girls I didn’t know most of before the trip. We finished our time going out to a nice dinner getting all dolled up and attempting to sneak into a wedding… I hadn’t been to Palm Springs since I was little and it was definitely a must DO!

A New Post

I am posting to explain my progress and confusion. I have had trouble formatting my home page to place the picture below the title. I am working on changing that format to look cleaner and less confusing to the eye. Another thing I would like to work on is my Montana blog post to have the correct amount of paragraphs it shows in my draft but for some reason not my published. These are the tasks I will be working on over the next few days.


Hello and welcome! My name is Jillian Klatt and I am oh so excited to share life, traveling, and experiences I have been blessed with. I am 20 yr old and just rolling through life consisting of school, traveling, and life ups and downs!

Growing up my dad was a HUGE travel fan, taking my family on road trips usually in the U.S. It wasn’t until I was at the age of 14, I truly realized how blessed I was for a childhood like that. I always wanted the fly and have the “boujee” lifestyle. Well, I am so happy I wasn’t raised like that because, now I consider the trip to all be on the road also. 

 Over the last 4/5 years I have been so lucky to not only travel inside the US but also in other countries also! 

Instead of keeping this an entire traveling blog (because home girl doesn’t have all the money in the world), I want to keep this site real of good and hard times I’m either currently going through or recently gone through. Life is NOT easy, and I think it’s so needed to connect with others who can relate…. So that leads me to. 

Why am I even here?

  • To connect with people/kids either wanting to travel or experience life; including budgets, comfortability, exercise intensity, or simply was it fun or worth it?!
  • Being able to share the hard journeys along the way of the best times. The waves in life include being joyful, sorrow, excited, nervous, angry, anxious, or feeling nothing. My goal is to connect on all levels on how I get up and KEEP GOING.

I am overly blessed to be able and express my thoughts to you all through such a connecting source in today’s world and can’t wait to get even closer to you all. 

This world can be sooo stressful and hard, as long as we all stick together and connect on different problems or awesome experiences, we can spread love and reconnect our world together again for the good!!

I am so excited for this journey to start and see how many cool places and experiences this world got for me and you guys!

PLEASE! If you have any questions or input to add, comment down below and I will get back to you! If you would like another platform to reach me at, that’ll be Instagram! @jilliannklatt – see you guys soon.